06 August 2009


I celebrated my 27th almost a month ago and forgot create a post about it. I cannot begin to stress enough how important it is to blog about one's birthday. I'm secretly hoping that this applies to everyone and not just only me.

During the week of my birthday this year, I started to wonder what I did for my birthday last year. I couldn't remember.

I ask my girlfriend but she ended up relating my surprise birthday-do from 2007 instead. And I thought I had a bad memory.

So I resorted to asking my two closest buddies. One of them went with the 2007 story. S2pit! The other one had the decency to admit that he can't remember.

Alas, even my blog has no post on my birthday in 2008. So here I am, making sure that what I did for my birthday in 2009 is recorded, although a bit late. :)

9 July Lunch - Bought lunch for AccuCap at Decanter in D'sara Heights.

9 July dinner - Birthday dinner with Mom, Dad & Joanne at home. Mom cooked, and Joanne tapau-ed some additional dishes from the nearby restaurant. The was a cake too, and a photo of me without a shirt on.

10 July - Happy hour with Lee & co. Went to this place called "Parking" in Kota Damansara - not so happening. We hopped on to After-5 at Damansara Perdana. Lots of beer! Kenny failed to get Yen's number.

11 July Dinner - Joanne organized a surprise dinner with my dearest group of friends. Steamboat in Sunway. Those present: Mervyn, Joanne, Elizabeth, Yen, Jessie, Robert, Grace, Soon Yean, June, Chee How, Wei Wei, Jason, Tomo, Chow Phang.

11 July After Dinner - 69 Bistro in Damansara Perdana (right next to After-5). Cake cutting.

And yes... I did figure out what I did for 2008 birthday - nothing special. The closest thing to a celebration we had was Jo's house warming in Damansara Perdana. But it wasn't actually to celebrate my birthday. Just a pot-luck get-together.

So my dear friends, let me re-cap by saying - LOG YOUR BIRTHDAYS... even if you did nothing special. Coz with each additional candle on the cake the ability to remember the event fades.

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