27 November 2007


Sincerest apologies for being tardy with the updates. This whole own-business thingy really keeps the unemployed busy. You know the saying - "You can't get fired, but you can go broke" and I seriously do not want to go broke.

Life after employment got a lot more complicated. But what I realize is that it has also become a lot more fulfilling. I guess that's why humans just love making life complicated. Hahaha!

I recently attended the Herbalife SEA Supervisor Academy 2007, a congregation of 3500 of Herbalife's top distributors from India, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and of course Malaysia. It was right here in our very own backyard, Putrajaya, so I did what it took to get myself qualified, with a little encouragement and a lot of assistance from my team of course.

The experience was worth the sacrifice. And I also realize that all my sacrifices in Herbalife thus far have been worthwhile. So it's safe to assume that all future sacrifices for this business I call my own should be worthwhile too.

If only I could lend you my eyes, to allow you to see what I have had such great fortune to see.

If you're looking to make some part time income helping people lose weight through good nutrition, feel free to email me at mervyn@earnmyworth.com. The money is good, but what's even better is the satisfaction of helping someone change their life for the better. Cheers to that!

12 November 2007

My Ecstacy

We all have a couple of things that give us absolute pleasure. Apart from the usual orgasm which I'm sure crossed the minds of many of you, I'm referring to having a moment of pure joy of a different kind.

What do you look forward to? What gets your adrenalin pumping? What gets you high?

For me, it comes as a part of my passion for diving. On any dive trip, I always look forward to the very first dive, the very first breath of air from the tank which fills my lungs as my head drops below the surface of the water, off to another adventure. It is in that moment that my entire body relaxes, and all the worries from my reality fade to nothingness. It's that first breath of air underwater which truly marks the start of my vacation. It gives me a renewed sense of freedom to be me. It brings me 'home'.

This one moment is unique for me on every dive trip, and I do not feel it again on any of the other subsequent dives on that trip. But after a long dose of reality, when I finally find the opportunity to go on another dive trip, that first breath underwater is my ecstacy.

I miss my ecstacy.