28 May 2009

All Packed

I finally got around to packing up all my dive gear properly and putting it all away - wetsuits & BC hung nicely in the cupboard; everything else packed neatly in the dive bag.

No, I didn't leave everything in a mess this past month. They were mostly all in their place except for a few items, such as my new mask which I left with Dragonet for some serious defogging maintenance. Only just collected it yesterday.

So, as I was saying, everything's all packed away nicely already... at least until the next trip. If all goes well, that would be to Redang over the Merdeka weekend. God forbid it will be crowded, but with everyone running low on finances and annual leave we don't have much choice.

Seems like everyone has already saved up their annual leave for our 5-day trip to Sipadan in October. Can't wait really! As it stands, there are 13 of us who have already bought our airtickets. More are welcome. We're now waiting for some good offers to surface during the upcoming Malaysia International Dive Expo (MIDE) 3-5 July 2009. Hopefully they throw promotions which will bring the price of a 5d4n diving package below RM2k.

Can't wait can't wait!

27 May 2009


I find myself idling a little lately, and it's not because of a lack of things to do. If I were my own therapist, which I usually am, my diagnosis is that I'm failing to keep myself properly occupied.

The whole problem with having idle time is that my mind starts to wander. I'm somewhat incapable of just shutting down and stoning... I bet most of you are very much the same.

Don't get me wrong, I know some of the most brilliant thoughts ever, sprout when we idle (some people call it meditation, I call it idling). However, when I'm left idling, the thoughts which pop into my head tend to lack positivity these days. That tends to result in a sudden mood swing which leaves me feeling depressed and lacking energy and motivation after.

Chocolates help, for a while. Sex helps, for a while. Working out helps too, for a while. So far I haven't found any lasting remedies to the repeated state of depression. However, I believe if I improve on my routine, I can prevent myself from even going there. As they say - prevention is better than cure.

There are 3 states I tend to find myself in:-
  1. Productively occupied
  2. Unoccupied
  3. Unproductively occupied
While number 2 is bad, I think number 3 is the worst - "No future"! Especially when we're in denial and keep trying to convince ourselves that what we're doing is entirely necessary. Such a sad and sorry state. I'm only judging myself here - do not take offense.

Right now, I just have to focus on handing myself productive tasks, and then completing them one by one to the best of my ability. The rest should fall in place.

18 May 2009

New Phone

Today I went to work with my usual Sony Ericsson Z610 in my pocket. I returned home with my Sony Ericsson Z610 plus a brand new Samsung M610.
It's a simple phone without all the fancy nonsense I used to pay so much good money for. However, it does have just about everything I require to use as a secondary phone, housing my new company Digi corporate line. The phone came free from Digi.

Like I said, it ain't much, but it does look pretty neat. Much like my old Samsung SGH-D500, and later on SGH-D600 which is now in the hands of my brother.

I came home this evening proudly with new phone in hand and guess what I find?
My dad's boss gave him a brand new iPhone 16GB. Killjoy doesn't even begin to describe it!

10 May 2009

Tioman Underwater Pics

Hey ho! Soon Yean's underwater pictures are now available on Facebook. If you're not able to view them in Facebook, here are a few to tickle your fancy.

That's me holding on to my surface marker during our 3 minutes safety stop.

Terra batfish


Some crab playing hide-n-seek

Salang's resident moray under the jetty

Peeping hermit

Nudibranch orgy

Another nudibranch... nice colors.

Nudibranch with eggs

Another moray


Mr Turtle

Got to admit that Soon Yean's photography is starting to look really good. Very soon we'll be looking at his photos being published in magazines!

More Diving

It's only been a week since we got back from diving. And here we're already almost done planning our next dive trip - Merdeka weekend at Redang. It's going to be super duper crowded at Pasir Panjang, but I think we'll have a blast if there's a beach party to count down to Merdeka.

To-do list before next trip:
- Tusa Passage due for service.
- Atomic Aquatics B2 due for annual check.
- Suunto Mosquito 3 bars battery left and quite unstable - buy battery replacement just in case.
- Lubricate wheels and zips for bag.
- Clean & lubricate torchlight o-rings.
- Buy motion sickness pills.
- Buy metal rod.
- Check new Atomic subframe ARC mask for fogging, bring extra toothpaste if necessary.

And slightly over a month after Merdeka dive, we're off to dive at Mabul, Kapalai & Sipadan! Can't wait can't wait!

07 May 2009

Salang @ Tioman - 1-3 May 2009

This trip was a long wait since my last dive in August last year. The trip to Tioman was for 4 Open Water Diver students and 3 Advanced Open Water Diver students to get certified... and also 3 leisure divers to get themselves wet. :) I logged dive# 29-33 over the weekend.

It was quite a bargain as we managed to squeeze 10 people into 2 rooms, each person only paying about RM66 for the 2 nights. There was also the RM70 return ferry transfer from Tanjung Gemuk. Normally ferries to Tioman depart from Mersing. But the holiday rush prompted some operators to have additional ferry services go between Tg Gemuk - Tioman.

We dived with Fisherman Dive Centre, located right next to Salang Indah Resort. Leisure divers paid RM80/dive, assuming we had our own equipment. It was RM90/dive inclusive of full set of rental equipment.

The staff at Fisherman were generally friendly towards us. Affian, their resident divemaster was very accommodating and helpful. But I heard from the students that their instructors were very strict and fierce with them in the water. I guess they take their work quite seriously. No fault there.

Overall, diving was good. The poor visibility on most dives didn't deter us much even though Soon Yean and I lost the group twice on the same dive. I even got lost on my own on one of the dives. Training as well as instinct led me to search underwater for a minute and then surface to see if maybe my buddy or divemaster surfaced to look for me. They didn't. I also couldn't spot their bubble trail so I swam back to the boat where the boatman suggested that instead of wasting the rest of the dive, I should dive near the boat for another 20mins or so.

That was a fair recommendation so I went down again solo, keeping to the shallower reefs and circling the boat. Diving alone is very leisurely. There was no need to rush just to keep up with the group so I could actually just take my time to scour the reef for interesting marine life. It was there which I spotted a small yellow eel swimming between some staghorn coral, a blue spotted ray, and some other stuff we'd usually miss while trying to keep with a large group. I see why some people prefer diving in small groups, or with just their buddy.

I know I promised pictures but I forgot to bring my camera with me to Tioman. Waiting for Soon Yean to touch up the pictures we took underwater, then I'll post some here.