10 May 2009

More Diving

It's only been a week since we got back from diving. And here we're already almost done planning our next dive trip - Merdeka weekend at Redang. It's going to be super duper crowded at Pasir Panjang, but I think we'll have a blast if there's a beach party to count down to Merdeka.

To-do list before next trip:
- Tusa Passage due for service.
- Atomic Aquatics B2 due for annual check.
- Suunto Mosquito 3 bars battery left and quite unstable - buy battery replacement just in case.
- Lubricate wheels and zips for bag.
- Clean & lubricate torchlight o-rings.
- Buy motion sickness pills.
- Buy metal rod.
- Check new Atomic subframe ARC mask for fogging, bring extra toothpaste if necessary.

And slightly over a month after Merdeka dive, we're off to dive at Mabul, Kapalai & Sipadan! Can't wait can't wait!

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