25 June 2007


Fourteen days to my birthday. I’m turning a quarter century old. The following questions have already been put to me:
1. How are you celebrating?
2. What would you like for your birthday?

To answer the first question…
The big day 9 July falls on a Monday. It’ll be hard to do anything big considering it’s a work day followed by another work day.

Sunday 8 July I’ll be tied up the entire day with a Herbalife event, right up till after dinner. Herbalife events are getting really exciting for me and I’m in the running to win RM500 in a lucky draw (Joanne won her RM500 at the last event). So now I’m feeling lucky and there’s no talking me out of attending this event.

Saturday 7 July I’m spending the afternoon at Malaysia International Dive Expo (MIDE) and attending a wedding dinner at Kiara.

As you can see, it’s going to be a bit hard to have any sort of celebration for this year’s birthday… unless of course the celebration doesn’t include my presence. Haha! If anyone has any ideas on squeezing something in between my existing schedule, feel free to make a suggestion.

As for the second question…
The only thing on my shopping list right now which is appropriate as a birthday gift is a dark leather belt for formal wear. Other suitable items which I don’t necessarily need, but will be happy to receive anyway include shirts and ties.

If all else fails and you still simply insist on giving me a gift, any form of cash contributions (cash, cheque, internet transfer) will be accepted graciously. Hugs and kisses also accepted.

22 June 2007

Busy Busy Me

It’s been a busy week, which explains the lack of updates here. Thank you for your kind patience.

Quick summary of the past week…

- AirAsia flight to K.T. on schedule (pleasant surprise); boat transfer to Redang delayed half hour (KNNCCB).
- Afternoon drift diving… bugger the currents were so strong I had to focus on not getting swept away. Not much chance for decent photography.
- Night dive was fantastic. SY & I got to take our time checking out the reef while the rest of the group did their skills session on the nearby seabed under the care of their instructor. Diving is so much more enjoyable when you’re not constantly chasing the group around.

- Morning deep dive to 33 meters depth was against crazy currents again. SY ran low on air early and he didn’t even realize it. We had to engage buddy breathing off my tank during our accent. We only managed to complete 2 out of 3 minute safety stop when my air ran out so we aborted the safety stop. Lost our surface marker to the depths too. Shucks!
- 4.30pm boat dive was canceled so we converted that dive into 2 shore dives without guide, at no extra charge. Evening dive was very relaxing, although there wasn’t very much to see at the Pasir Panjang house reef, except snorkellers.
- The only thing I enjoyed about that night’s shore dive was sitting on the deck chair on the beach watching the light fade to darkness. The dive was excruciating because my mask kept fogging up.

- Gotten so used to night dives that my eyes were quite adept at scanning for movement. Spotted a whip-like snake with a house lizard in its mouth in the bushes on mainland… fascinating.
- Started feeling the effects of nitrogen narcosis. Very drowsy.
- AirAsia flight rescheduled 3 hours earlier... that was nice.

- Back to work… long day at office + 2hrs jap class + Herbalife Opportunity Meeting + Herbalife Advanced Business School. Crawled back into bed at midnight.

- Dad’s birthday dinner with the family at TGI Fridays in The Curve. That must have been the most pleasurable dinner we’ve had as a family in a long time. The extra friendly waitress Sierra added to the experience. She deserved a good tip.

- Maxed out my credit cards at Herbalife office. Jo & I have now qualified to be supervisors in the business… and we’re just getting started.

All in all, the past week has had its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t live my life any other way. Cheers!

I do miss the gym though.

14 June 2007

If Only

If only there was wine
If only music for souls
If only a touch that binds
If only as a whiff
If only a view so fine
If only words would rhyme
If only you could know
If only destiny were ours
If only in this life and time

I am truly blessed to have walked this path of mine... and I dedicate this post to all the people who have touched my heart.

If only these feelings could last a lifetime.

13 June 2007

Elevator Etiquette

Living in the Klang Valley, we always find ourselves using elevators to go up and down within buildings. If you use the lift just half as often as I do, you'll come to realize certain things about Malaysians and lifts. Here are some guidelines I'm sure you guys already know, but seldom practice for whatever the reason.

In no particular order:

- If you're the first or the only person into the lift, head straight for the controls and take charge. Hold the doors open for those entering/exiting. Don't be a selfish by hitting the button for your own floor and then running to the back of the lift. It's not nice to get sandwiched between the doors so take care of those who come in after you. If you can't reach the controls (and the arse blocking the controls isn't holding the "open" button for those coming in) use your hand to restrict the doors from automatically closing on people who are still entering/exiting.

- If you're manning the controls, offer to activate the buttons for those coming in, simply because it's easier for you to reach it than for them to stretch from the other end of the lift. A simple smile + "which floor?" will do. Not too hard right?

- If it's just one or two floors up or down, use the stairs. If it takes just 10 seconds for the lift to pick you up and continue on its journey up or down, and then another 10 seconds for to drop you off and continue its journey up or down, you'll be holding back each person in the lift for 20 seconds. If there are 10 people sharing the lift at the same time, that's 200 seconds of productivity gone. And what about the people on other floors who are also waiting for the lift? Walking that one floor ain't gonna kill you!

- Allow people in the lift to exit (if that's their floor) before you enter. There's always going to be more space in the lobby than in the lift. Why squeeze your way in there and block others from coming out?

- If there's one last person in the lift holding down the "open" button for the rest to get out first, show common courtesy by using your hand/leg to hold the doors open from the outside and let him/her out. Smile and thank the good chap for holding the doors for the rest of you. That's just being polite.

- Don't smoke in the lift. The odour stays for quite sometime.

- Don't fart in the lift... at least not when it's packed like a can of sardines.

- If there are other people in the lift, avoid talking on the phone. Speak softly if you have to. Loud noises in a small confined areas tend to be a lot louder and can be really annoying at times.

- Here's a gimme... don't hit buttons to floors your have no intention of stopping at.

- Don't hold the lift at any one floor for too long, even if you're waiting for someone who's taking his/her own sweet time. Be considerate to others who are also waiting for the lift on other floors.
- Stand to the side when people are entering or exiting. Don't assume that you're not in the way. Make way anyway. Some of us really aren't as thin as we think. And sometimes the people behind us trying to pass just don't have enough space to walk around us. If you have to, step out first to allow room for others to exit. Then only reenter the lift and position yourself more strategically.

Most of it is common sense. It doesn't take a lot of effort to be polite and courteous to the people around you... so why not?

12 June 2007

Honey, I'm home!

Today I sit at home in pain and agony from pulling a muscle in my back, just below the left shoulder blade. Hurts like hell. All other body movements have to be slowed to avoid dying in pain.

I finally get to spend some quality time with my home PC again. It's been such a long time I've lost the entire feel of it. The keyboard and mouse feel somewhat alien to me now. I barely recognise some of the shortcuts and random icons on my desktop. My MSN Messenger is being flooded with "where have you been" and "long time no see".

Going to keep this one short because as much as my PC misses me, there are many other places in my house I have not visited recently. Time to get around to the stuff I've been putting off since forever.

Alas, my recent routine is really lacking home time.

05 June 2007

More Weddings

News traveled around to the other side of the world and came back to me. Another friend of mine is getting married 3rd quarter of 2007.

Reason the news came back this way was because my friend in USA isn’t happy that she’s given so little time to plan a trip back to attend the wedding. Now she’s making sure I give sufficient warning so that she can schedule a trip back to attend MY wedding (too soon to be bringing this up).

Really sweet of her. I know great friendships are hard to find, but they sure weather great storms and stretch great distances. Rare indeed.

“i am EXTREMELY reluctant to miss out on YOUR wedding. so if you're gonna get married, you have to give me enough time to scrape money up, beg the boss for vacation, and buy the plane ticket home.”

“rule of thumbs is simple: whoever you *think* you might marry in the specified year, throw me a hint at the beginning of the calendar year (hint; so meaning you can hint before even proposing) and i can keep the vacation days of that year for you.”

Wow… some people really need to plan ahead.

Since it would mean just as much to me to have her at my wedding, ‘hinting’ to her even before any marriage proposal might be a good idea after all. Besides, she’s one of those people I can count on to iron out the finer details in any event… even one as big as a wedding.