27 March 2007

Miracle Remedies

Do you remember when you were young, having a weak immunity system, being clumsy and having sensitive skin; your mom/dad/guardian will always have an arsenal of miracle remedies on hand whenever you need a cure. Remember what was in that arsenal?

I remember using the following…
- Mopiko (it's even in wikipedia) – cuts, insect bites, burns
- ZamBak – bruises
- Minyak Angin / Minyak Kapak – tummy aches & dizziness
- Tit Da Jao – aches & pains, bruises, twisted ankles, sore muscles
- Pei Pa Kou – coughs & sore throats
- Scott’s Emulsion – general health
- 7 Seas Cod’s Liver Oil – general health
- Panadol – headaches & fever

Of the list above, the only remedy we still carry at home is Panadol, or rather a stronger substitute – Euphamol. I wonder what happened to the rest.

Better keep this list for when I start having kids of my own. Hahaha!

26 March 2007

Random Thought

"Lat-tali-lat-tali-tam-pom!... tam-pom!... tam-pom!"


"Pepsi-cola, coca-cola, icecream-soda..."

Strange how these lines just popped into my head. For those of you not familiar with local customs, the above are some of the phrases local kids use when playing simple games in kindergarten & primary school.

2007 Resolution Update: Weight Gain

I started the year as a 54.5kg skinny chap. Many people have before commented that I'm way too thin it's almost scary. Thus, I decided that I would make a serious effort to gain weight this year, targeting a weight in the range of 58kgs-65kgs. Starting gym sessions has increased my appetite and corresponding food intake tremendously.

Now, almost 3 months later I'm weighing in at about 60kgs. Still thin, but not so thin that people will comment. The weight gained still isn't obvious, at least not to me. But personally, I think my shoulders and legs have developed quite well... still needs a bit of work.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of focus on my abdomen, my previously slightly visible 6-pack has now turned into a 2-month pregnancy. :o(

Will post pics of my beachboy look when I get to the beach in mid-April. Hopefully will have my 6-pack back by then.

21 March 2007

Strange You; Strange Me

Are you observant? Ever noticed how we sometimes tend to have very strange behaviours?

Take for instance whenever in a conversation, and there's a mention of time, we'll look at our watch/clock even though it was entirely unnecessary. Example...

"I'm leaving office now, will be there in.... say... (looks at watch)... 15 mins."

Odds are you didn't need to look at a watch/clock to know that it will take you 15 mins to get to wherever you're headed. But you still take a glance at your watch.

It gets worse. If you pay enough attention, you'll notice that sometimes we glance at our watch when saying something about time which has got nothing to do with what's on the face of our watch.

"Her birthday is in about... hmm... (looks at watch)... 3 months time."

Fact is, the watch isn't going to help you calculate how many months away a certain date is. But we still have a tendency to glance at the clock/watch while our brain is doing its calculations.

The weirdest is when we pull this strange habit of looking at our wrist while talking 'time', when we're NOT even wearing a watch. It's just such a natural thing, although so undeniably redundant.

What other weird irrational behaviours have you noticed?

15 March 2007

Social Behavior

I’ve just been told off for not blogging frequently. It seems readers are getting a little demanding huh?! As I’m at the office right now, this will be one of those off the top of my mind kind of posts just to keep you guys satisfied, so bear with me.

I received one of those forwarded emails today titled “Fw: Wong Ah Beng Blog – Pusat MembeliBelah”. It’s basically written in that stereotype Cinapek-slang styled Malay. I’ve decided to translate it here so that international readers can share a laugh.

My own thoughts end here. The rest is just a rough translation of what I could pick out from the forwarded mail.

Shopping Mall
This is my observation on social behavior at local shopping malls.

Pretty Gal + Handsome Guy
Nothing special. They don’t display affection publicly. Others who notice them find it pleasing.

Pretty Gal + Un-handsome Guy
Most pretty gals end up with un-handsome guys. But take note of the un-handsome guy. There’s a gleam of pride on his face because he’s got a pretty gal. Sometimes the un-handsome guy will put on a pair of dark glasses just to look a little more handsome. Often, the un-handsome guy will be trying too hard to entertain the pretty gal but she rarely laughs but instead just smiles sweetly (this is what we AP’ians call “damn layan”). Most of the time, the un-handsome guy has a really thick wallet.

Un-pretty Gal + Handsome Guy
You’ll notice the un-pretty gal will have a death grip on the handsome guy’s arm and won’t let go, for whatever reason. She gives an overdose of public display of affection towards the handsome guy. You can also observe the handsome guy feeling a bit embarrassed about the un-pretty gal’s behavior. And then when pretty gals walk past them, the un-pretty gal will give them that cold stare, as though she’s going to eat them alive. Insecurity issues. Tsk tsk tsk!

Un-pretty Gal + Un-handsome Guy
No one has any comment because no one even notices.

Group of Gals + 1 Guy
Usually at food outlets, the guy will be surrounded by his gal friends. They have interesting conversations. You’ll notice that as they eat, the guy will try to say something funny, and fails miserably. But the gals are sure to laugh anyway.

Pretty Gal Dressed Sexily
A lot of people will stare. She won’t mind because chances are, she’s already used to this sort of attention. She loves showing off the assets on her chest and her navel because she knows her looks gives her some form of “power” over others. It’s the same as having a nice car, a big house, or a new watch, you have to show it off because it makes you feel good. Same goes for the pretty gal.

Un-pretty Gal Dressed Sexily
Damn this gal is mean. If you don’t have it, don’t flaunt it. Don’t be an eyesore. This type of gal lies to herself by saying “I feel good when I dress sexily” or “I have the right to wear anything I want”. Actually they think they look more attractive by dressing that way. I don’t think so. Ugly is ugly. But ugly + sexy?!?!?! “Pat your chest and no appetite” (more meaning if you say it in Cantonese). No more comment.

So think about it and see which category you fall into.

08 March 2007


Think I’m going to take up golf.

I don’t quite know yet whether I’m going to enjoy it as much as diving, but heck. It’s a new thing. Let’s see how it goes. It’s just one of those things I figure I’ll be doing sooner or later, so why not now?

I had a go at it at the driving range. It wasn’t so bad. A ladies 8-iron took my ball about 75m on one of my better strokes. Of course that didn’t happen very often. The whole swing thing is going to take awhile to get used to.

I never realized before that there’s so much technique involved in this game, from head all the way down to your feet. Where you look; how you turn; how you hold the club; how you move your wrist; everything. Must go find out more.

Walking away after hitting about 25 balls at the driving range, my first instinct was to call dad and say “Dad, drop whatever you have planned this weekend cos you’re taking me to the driving range… and paying for it too!” But that’s asking for it.

So instead, the actual conversation was more like “Dad, if you’re not busy this weekend, would you like to go to the driving range with me? Only if you don’t already have plans and it’s convenient. No obligation, really.”

Gosh... when I first started diving, I was comparing the cost of diving to the cost of golfing because they’re both pretty expensive. Now I’m taking up both. Wtf?! Don’t ever ask me why I’m not buying my own car, or house, or anything else of sizeable value.

If one day you see a dark-skinned me, you know that I’ve either been diving, or golfing!

p/s: a lot of people tell me they’re not keen on golfing because it’s too expensive, too slow, or they don’t like the sun. If there’s anything that’s spoiling it for me, it’s the blahdee mozzies!

07 March 2007

Random Thought: Grey Clouds & Silver Linings

The epitome of positivity & optimism - "even a stopped watch shows the right time twice a day".

I really admire such optimism and can only hope to one day achieve the joy of life it'll bring.

02 March 2007

Company Trip 2007

I received an email announcing this year’s company trip. We’re going to Redang on 28-30 April (Sat-Mon). As I understand, we’ll be taking the Berjaya package because it allows us to fly there without the hassle of a boat ride. Wtf?! The boat ride from mainland is part of the experience!

Later on, I found out that we’re not allowed any activities on our own. And guess what? I’m the only diver in my company. Hence, no diving. Shit man… people fly half way around the world, pass through up to 18 time zones or more, just to dive in our tropical waters and visit our glorious reefs. And I won’t get to dive in my own backyard.

How can I go to Redang and not dive?! That’s like going to Egypt and not visiting the pyramids; going to France and not falling in love; going to China and not trying to make the Wall fall by yanking out a brick or two; going to Penang and not eating RM6.50 Char Kuay Teow at Lorong Selamat; flying across the Bermuda Triangle and not disappear! What the hell man?!?!

The parliament should enact a new law - Mervyn Act (2007). Without getting too technical, it should simply make it illegal for a perfectly healthy diver not make a single dive while at any of the world’s premier dive locations.

Well, on the bright side, I’ll be going diving 2 weeks before the company trip. Destination - REDANG! Muahahaha! I’m such a whiner!