19 June 2009

Still 3.3

The KL Marathon is right round the corner. 28 June is a mere 9 days away. Can't say my training has been going very well. Even with running 2-3 times a week, I'm still at the point of collapse after a mere 3.3km round the neighbourhood. Wish I started training earlier.

Oh well, no point crying over spilt milk. It's not like I won't be able to finish the 5km. Just that it'll probably take a bit longer than I hoped.

Funny thing... belly is growing. Sighhhh....

10 June 2009

Run 20090609

Yesterday's run was a bit better than my last run. Same route, but I managed to complete the entire route at a consistent non-walking pace. And I shaved 3 minutes off the time. On top of that, I didn't come to work this morning with aching leg muscles. The 2 storey climb up the staircase didn't feel any different from any other time I climb the stairs.

Thank you Unkaleong for introducing me to mapmyrun.com. It's a pretty cool site. If you're a fitness junkie you should check it out.

08 June 2009

Running Around

I didn't get to run over the weekend. Not sure if it's any consolation, but I did run around a great deal instead.

T'was Teong & Beth's wedding weekend. Friday night dinner at Beth's house; Saturday morning running from the bride's house to the dim sum shop, then to the groom's house, then back to the bride's house, then back to the grooms house, then back home for a quick nap, then down to KL Convex for work-related matters, then a quick dash to Sime Darby Convex for the wedding dinner reception and lots of photos, then to meet Jim on work-related matters, before finally heading home.

Congrats to Mr & Mrs Koh Yew Teong. A lovely couple indeed, and a wedding affair to remember. Highlights were many - including the bride's sister Kimberley's flash animation which was rather cute; And also the father of the groom's most impressive and unique speech.

Mr Koh addressed the crowd with his son and new daughter-in-law's love story, filled with songs which he sang remarkably well. The 4 or 5 songs he sang made his speech not unlike a musical, and it left both bride & groom in tears. What a touching experience it must have been for the both of them.

Sunday was less hectic, but hectic nonetheless. As you can imagine, Saturday's affairs left both Jo & I exhausted and we only got out of bed at 11am on Sunday. I had made prior arrangements for 17 of us to attend U-maiya's weekend lunch buffet at 11.30am. If you're wondering why so many people, the lunch was a get together of some of Jo's closest friends to celebrate her birthday, which is today. Happy Birthday dear!

Lunch was fantastic with U-maiya's food as delicious as ever. RM55.20net per person might sound like a lot to pay for a meal, but I cannot deny the fact that the amount, variety and quality of the food is unbeatable.Even the bride and groom after a hectic wedding day before, managed to join us for lunch. We're all big fans of U-maiya's buffet.

After lunch we headed to D'sara Perdana for a while before heading home. A quick nap later, I was off to D'sara Perdana again for an evening meeting with some business associates to discuss our upcoming plans. Without realizing it, 2.5 hrs past and I was already due to be down at KL Convex again. Not even enough time for dinner. Upon meeting my client down in KL, he said we still have time so I mentioned that I'd run over to Suria KLCC for a quick bite before returning. Moments later, I instead found myself sitting down to eat at the buffet setup for the event's secretariat. Such wonderful hosts these people are.

After my second buffet of the day, it was a 3 hour wait for their big boss to passby during his pre-event walk-around. A 30-second glance from the hall's large doors and then he was off again. Reminds me of a theme park ride, only worse. At least in Disneyland you wait 30 minutes for 30 seconds of fun. Here, it was 3 hours for 30 seconds of nothing.

Oh well, such is work. And now that the weekend is over, what do you know? Back to work. I want my weekend back!

04 June 2009

Run 20090604

The route I charted for today's run was recalculated to be 3.3km, approximately. I finished it in 25 minutes. Wasn't able to keep a consistent pace throughout the course. Slowed down to a brisk walk for about 100m when I hit the slight incline half way through.

Oh well, I've decided to stick to this route for now. At least till I can finish it within 20 minutes before rerouting.

03 June 2009


Not sure if I've mentioned here before, but I've registered to run in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 to be held on 28 of June.

No, I'm not doing the full marathon. 42km is a bit too much for someone who only runs 1km on a treadmill at the gym for warm ups. But they're having a 5km fun run at the KL Marathon so I figured why the hell not.

Got started with my first round-the-neighborhood run yesterday. This was the trail I took.
Robert, who's an avid runner, and will be running the full 42km in KL Marathon, advised me to start off and see if I can do a full 20 minute run without stopping. Well, I managed the above route in 20 minutes. Approximately 2.5km covered, so I guess I was pacing myself at a mere 7.5kmph. A little bit disappointing considering I normally run at 11kmph on the treadmill.

Truth be told, I don't remember the last time I ran 2.5km. And my legs were quite sore after last night's run.

Anyway, I've only got under 4 weeks to get myself running 5km. So let's up the ante. Tomorrow's route shall be...
If Google is correct, this route is about 3.5km. Wish me luck!