23 July 2008

Hair Cut

After out-growing the whole Indian barber phase, which was a period of over 20 years, I started patronizing Thomas & Guys in SS2 when I first decided to give my hair a bit more attention cos I was starting work.

I had a go at different stylists each time I went back for the first couple of months until I found one who seemed to really know what she was doing. Not that the others were bad, but Yen seemed to know what I wanted. I suppose it's my fault for not being the kind who would point out the latest hairstyle a model/celebrity was parading around in a magazine and have the stylist Xerox it onto my head. I kind of just do the whole barber deal... you know... "short, neat, a bit spikey at the top... wanna look smart and clean... blah blah blah". Well, Yen actually manages to figure out all my blabbering and leaves me with something to my liking.

After some time she gained enough of my trust for me to say "go ahead and do what you think will suit me". I'm always pleased with the outcome.

The other thing I look forward to when I go for my monthly cut is the wash. I thoroughly enjoy it when the trainee that does my wash puts in the extra effort to give my scalp a nice thorough massage. It's the perfect end to a long work day. The only thing better than that would be sex!

A few months ago I walked into Thomas & Guys to find that Yen had been transferred down to their KL outlet. She didn't even tell me. I was disappointed. And I had to put up with trying to find a new stylist. 4 cuts and 4 stylists later, I still didn't find one I preferred, and I'd always leave with a decent cut which would grow out of shape within 2 weeks. As much as I liked spending time at the place, I didn't fancy paying RM30+ so frequently. Therefore I generally like to have a cut which won't grow out of shape within a month.

Today, 3 weeks since my last visit, I dragged myself back there because I just couldn't stand looking at the mess in the mirror. When I walked through the door, all the available stylists looked at me and one asked who I'd like to work on my hair today. My usual answer - "anybody la".

I sat down for the pre-cut hair wash... another new trainee washing my hair. He wasn't good. At ALL! The massage didn't leave much of an impact. He didn't even wrap the towel tight around my head as I walked from the sink back to my seat. It's not easy balancing a loose towel over my head while walking. So disappointing.

As I sat back down, I was informed that Yen was back and that she'd like to do my hair for me. To think that they'd even have to ask my permission. I guess they could tell when my face lit up. I was all smiles when I saw her. A sight for sore eyes.

I made a few complaints about how my hair kept growing out of place too quickly while she happily cleaned up the mess.

I'm told that she's now back in SS2 branch teaching in the academy until 6pm before she comes down to her customers. Good 'ol bubbly Yen. Glad to have her back.

Note to self - go after 6pm!

18 July 2008

Happy Birthday

This here post is for no one other than MUAH! Nothing implied, but I do believe I'm special enough to deserve a little bit of attention from myself.

Anyway... my birthday was just over a week ago. 9 July to be precise. Due to it falling on a Wednesday, and given my current workload, I decided to do nothing special... which later on turned out to be a bad idea.

Due to my lack of plans, I got so carried away at work that I got to work before 9am that day, and didn't head home till 2am the next morning. And I didn't even head home because I was tired, nor had I finished all my work. I headed home because I hadn't yet packed my bags for my 7.30am flight.

Yep, I was going on holiday barely a month into starting work. I blame bad planning. All these plans were made far in advance thinking that I'd still be my own boss when the time comes and taking time off is entirely at my own discretion.

Fortunately for me, my bosses gave me the go-ahead since everything was already planned out and paid for. So I guess if there was any form of birthday celebration for myself this year, it was the diving and snorkeling I did over in Perhentian Island.

p/s: got my brand spanking new Atomic Aquatics B2 regulator, fully assembled with Atomic Aquatics SS1 safe seconds inflator and Tusa Platina pressure gauge. Not the setup I originally wanted, but still my pride and joy! My scuba gear is now complete. Anything I buy from here on out is completely optional. Whooopie!

A big thank you to Jo for spending so many hours in the office just to teman me on my birthday.
Thank you to everyone who wished me, on that day, in advance, and belated too. Your calls, emails, smses, facebook msgs all mean a lot. :o)
Thank you to the buddies who had dinner together at Jo & Yen's place over the weekend - it was a great get-together, even though it wasn't specifically to celebrate anything.
Thank you to Soon Yean and the rest of you for the lovely present which I now have framed up and hanging on my office desk...


Oooh... last post was over a month ago. So paiseh!

I apologise, but the truth is unavoidable. As much as I'd like to, I won't be able to update quite as often as I like anymore. As some of you may already know, while many others are still in the dark, I have recently gone back into employment.

Herbalife was great and all but I always found myself too free during 9am-5pm... too much bumming around left me feeling very unproductive.

Coincidentally, some people very close to me were facing unavoidable business expansion and needed to grow the team with people they can trust. I was at the top of the list. After numerous approaches, I finally gave in thinking that I can hold a full time job whilst still doing Herbalife part time.

Unfortunately, as exciting as work is, there's just so much of it. So much so that I'm working 14-17 hour work days. Even when I bring work home over the weekend it's tough to walk back in on a Monday without having to still do work from the week before.

Nonetheless, the job still excites me... and we're now at a place where the only direction to head is forward. That's quite a pleasant thought!