28 September 2006

Today's Star Headlines - "Desperate Ah Longs"... wtf?!

Did you ever realize how fast time flies? Take a look at the table calendar sitting on your desk. You’ve probably flipped it over to October already. And I’m guessing that you also have half of October already marked with appointments, birthdays, to-do’s, and whatever else.

Seems like just yesterday I was collecting AngPows from relatives and spending it on taking girls shopping & vacations. The current equation –shopping & vacations minus the girls. Go figure!

Where does the time go?! Lately, nothing much I do seems important. Nothing really leaves a lasting impact on me anymore. Maybe this entire care-free attitude isn’t such a good thing. Oh well, who cares?!

So what’s in store for the final quarter of 2006? Hmmm… tough question. I guess the phrase “SSDD” from DreamCatcher suits – same shit different day. Things to expect:

  • December vacation (Bali/Phuket) – SY should be shot for tempting me into this.
  • Less clubbing – no money le... heck, let’s just write it off and make it “no clubbing”
  • No shopping – sighhhh…a shopaholic who can’t shop no more!
  • The following dating scenarios:-
    Good: find a girl and start spending future earnings again
    Better: no girl walks into my life now
    Best: someone who’s willing to go Dutch comes along
    Priceless (pardon the pun): she insists on paying for me!
  • Possible new employment prospects – remind me not to quit before year-end bonus is declared (yea right… what bonus?! ptui!)
Damn it! All the listings above have something or other to do with me suffering from a lack of money. I change my mind about having SY shot. Instead, let’s pull him out of bed, hang him till he’s dead, cut off his head, fill him with lead, and then leave him to rot where vultures are fed! LOL!

"Dear Lord, thank you for the wonderful imagination you have given me. But do you $till have the receipt $o I can exchange it for $ome ca$h to pay off my c.c. debt?"

25 September 2006

Mixing Business With Pleasure

How many of you are fortunate enough to have a career similar or related to your passion? I'm willing to bet not many.

And how many of you are in jobs you totally despise? "The job sucks", "the management is incompetent", "the company is lousy", "the pay - peanuts", "the benefits - what benefits?", "the colleagues are idiots"... these are probably some of the familar phrases many of you can relate to huh?

If you could choose between the 2 categories above, EVERYONE will choose the former. Anyone who picks the latter is either lying, or an idiot just like the colleagues he/she hopes to have!

Allow me to now introduce a third category - the job is "okay-la". Not fantastic, but not too bad either. It's got nothing to do with your hobbies and interests, but you're capable and trained to do the job you're paid to do. There's stress, but not to the suicidal extent. The benefits, mediocre. The colleagues, some are brilliant while the rest are idiots. The pay... enough.

So now with option 3, how does it appeal to you when compared to the first scenario I gave above? Still prefer having your passion integrated with your career?

I'm sure many of you would. To be frank, there was a time when I was hoping to find that kind of career too. The problem was that I never did find my passion until recently. Now that I've found that passion... drop what I'm doing and go look for something related?

Could I?
There's no one who'd be able to stop me.

Should I?
This is a little subjective. On one hand, I'd be giving up 12 years of public education and 4.5 years of private college. On the other hand, people always tell you to do what you enjoy doing. "Go for it!" or "Do what makes you happy!" I guess it can be argued both ways - no sense wasting time on that here because that's not the point I'm trying to make.

Would I?
I most certainly without a doubt WOULD NOT! Not now at least. Only after I've retired would I consider such a thought.

No matter how convenient it would be for me to have a job in the world of diving, the 3rd scenario coined will be my choice. I actually even prefer the 2nd scenario over the 1st too. Ranked in order of my preference it would be 3, 2 and then only 1.

I've probably jerked your curiousity by now. Leave some comments and we'll discuss this further at a later time.

24 September 2006

More than just diving

You know, I've come to realize that I'm living such a great life that it just has to be put into writing.

I'm loving everything. The job, although not perfect, could be much worse but isn't. My family, just great. My friends, I love them! My hobbies, fantastic! My past, a blast! My present, really pleasant! My future, I can't wait!

And with that, I'm deciding that this blog will tell of more than just my diving. Check in for more updates and easy reading from time to time.

05 September 2006

Malaysia Diving Community (MDC)

To all the divers or enthusiasts, if you're looking for a forum to join, MDC is the place. They have a lot of interesting topics being discussed and they even arrange dive trips every now and then, open to just about any diver. Why don't you surf on over to have a look and join in some of the forum discussions. There's a lot of non-diving related humour too! Funny people like you and me. :)