27 July 2009

Men's Health Night Run 09

Long story short - I completed my first >10km running event.

It was also my first proper running event because the 5km Fun Run at KL Marathon was botched (read previous post).

Heck, even on a normal day I barely manage to finish a 5km training run. So completing this 11.5km is something I'm quite happy about.

According to Robert who paced with me all the way, we completed the course in 1hr 21mins. That's an average speed of 8.5kmph - not bad at all for my first time. But I'm sure Robert would have done it in about an hour had he gone on his own.Nonetheless, his encouragement and the added pressure of not wanting him to be too slow because of me kept me going. When we saw the "4km To Go" hoarding I was all ready to give up. But it just wouldn't do Robert justice if I did so I pressed on and completed the entire run. Moral of the story - running with a buddy can go a long way.
All in all I didn't really prepare myself that well. Though I have been running short distances regularly for 2 months now, I didn't bother much with the pre-run regime. Didn't pay too much attention to keeping myself properly hydrated and I wasn't well-rested either. I only had 1 meal on the day of the run and I even went out for happy hour the night before, leaving me with diarrhea throughout the day of the run.

Must be good next time. Mizuno Wave Run on 25 Oct 2009.


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Well done, ol' chappie. And Robert's a great guy. :-)

UnkaLeong said...

Team Hyundai for the win! Hahaha. Good job bro ;)