24 August 2009

Off Road

For the lack of inspiration, updates are rare. But here's something worth penning down - yesterday's riding at Bukit Kiara.

I've been talking to Kennie over the last couple of weeks on training for a triathlon. If you've followed my ramblings, you know I'm keen but have been putting it off all this while. Well, Kennie's already started his training and has even completed his first full marathon. Now's he's all hyped up about biking.

As we both only have mountain bikes to begin with, we went along with his idea to take a ride to Bukit Kiara yesterday afternoon. The ride from home to Taman Tun was a good warm up... which left me without enough energy to get myself up the hill. Wound up pushing the bike instead.

Then came the bright idea of going off road. If you didn't know, Kiara hill is full of off road bike trails. What we didn't realize was that it's really easy to get lost if you're not familiar with those part of the woods because it's so FULL of off road bike trails. Naturally, don't expect to find any sign boards in there.

Kennie's ability to ride far exceeds mine and he was well ahead of me going up the hill in the jungle. I lost him within the first 10 minutes of entering the jungle. As I prodded along hoping to catch up to him round the next bend, and the next turn, and the next slope, no sign of him.

To make things worse, I was being swarmed by mosquitoes, much like my last experience in that same jungle some 2 years back when I first got my bike. Again I was lost. And every time I lost balance and fell off the bike, I was just as quick to jump back on to avoid having any mozzies land on my exposed arms and legs. Didn't even get a chance to stop for a drink, let alone pick up the phone to call Kennie. But then again what was I going to do? Pick up the phone to ask for directions??

"Um yea, landmarks... I see trees... mosquitoes... dirt... mud... more trees. So which way should I go again? A left at the next tree... right! Oh which tree would that be again?"

Naturally, the lost got... er... LOST-ER! I was pushing my bike along in the woods for well over an hour trying to find a convenient exit to a tarmac road, but to no avail. I finally chanced upon an opening, at which end I could see a I nice tall condominium. Sadly, I was standing at the top of a cliff which towered 10m over the road below. Wandered around a bit more before finally finding a path which led out to that God-sent road.

Lo and behold, I was in front of Kiaramas Ayuria. No idea where that was. First instinct was to drink water. Then call Kennie. He had no idea where Kiaramas Ayuria either. Worse still, the poor chap was even more lost than me.

Anyway, turns out Kiaramas is in Mont' Kiara / Desa Sri Hartamas area - a good half hour away by road to where I first started out. Sure it would have been nearer to go back through the woods but I knew better.

Finally rode back to the guard house at the bottom of Bukit Kiara where we began. Waited there another half hour before Kennie finally found his way out of the jungle, at the Equestrian Club. Took him a bit to reach me. He showed up all muddy. LOL! Apparently he wanted to wait for me early along the trail, but the mosquitoes just wouldn't have that and chased him all the way.

Well, this experience has taught me to stick to the road. More biking to come!


Kheng Leong said...

you do know that they have GPS's for bikes nowadays right? Heheh...come with me one day lar, I'll show you around :)

Leon Koh said...

good adventure.. maybe some insect repellent will be good next time?

your reader
Leon Koh